Position Number #1 #03/01/2018

Production, Planning and Expediting Administrator

Duties and Responsibilities. 
1. Coordinate and expedite the flow of work and materials 
within the departments of the company according to work
2. Reviewing and distributing work and inventory
 shipment schedules.
3. Conferring with department supervisors to determine
 progress of work and completion dates.
4. Compiling reports on progress of work, inventory
 levels, costs, and occurring work problems.
5. Recording information and maintaining records.
6. Calculating costs of the goods and services produced.
Compile and distribute work reports.
7. Maintain vendor and client relations. Respond to
 customer inquiries and refer clients to the appropriate channels.
8. Directing, optimizing and coordinating full order cycle.
9. Manage the maintenance, preparation and routing of purchase orders.
10. Responsibility to record general journal entries.

Skills Required 
1.Full Microsoft Office skills.
2. Knowledge of QuickBooks program.
3. Good time management skills.
4. Ability to work in fast paced.
5. High problem solving skills and working under pressure abilities.
6. Excellent communication and interpersonal skills.

* Hebrew - Strongly Preferred. Russian/Spanish - preferred.

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Position Number #2 # 01/06/2018

Filed Technician 

Duties and Responsibilities

* Cut new or duplicate keys (e.g. building and vehicle keys, file cabinets, desks, cabinets, intrusion alarms, lost or stolen locks/keys,etc.) for the purpose of providing the district with a master key system.
*Diagnose causes of problems and/or failures in security locks for the purpose of identifying equipment and/or lock repair and/or replacement needs.
*Estimate materials and labor required for locksmith jobs for the purpose of ensuring timely completion of projects.
* Fabricate unique locks and locking devices for the purpose of meeting specialty needs and/or replacing unavailable parts.
* Will inform personnel regarding procedures and/or status of work orders for the purpose of providing necessary information for making decisions, taking appropriate action and/or complying with building and safety regulations.
* Install and repair locking systems (e.g. computer managed electronic lock hardware, doors, door hardware, closures, panic hardware, changes lock combinations, security bolts, etc.) for the purpose of supporting a safe and secure facility.
* Maintain a five level master key system using a variety of software applications (e.g. APACHE, LOCKLIINK EXPRESS, SNAP,
SITEMASTER 200, etc.) for the purpose of ensuring an efficient, confidential, and secure operation.
* Maintain manual and electronic files and/or records (e.g. secure and confidential information, audits, keys issued, prox cards, Ibuttons, pin numbers, etc. ) for the purpose of documenting activities, providing reference, and audit trails.
* Maintains vehicle, tools and equipment for the purpose of ensuring availability in safe operating condition.