My main door lock keys are stolen, do I have to change the whole lock?

No, there is no need to buy a new door lock. Just call your locksmith, he will simply make a new key for you. Don't waste your money for new locks. It's a simple task which can be done by any locksmith. 

Is possible to get the approximate cost for a specific locksmith or security task?

YES. Either call us by phone, contact us, or go to our FREE ESTIMATE web page and fill the form. We will review your form and one of our professional locksmiths will give you a free evaluation.

How do I open a safe without the combination?

Just throw the safe away or call a locksmith expert to open it. You can also do a trade with the safeman; he will open it, you get your things and he gets the safe.

What is the meaning of "impressioning"?

It is a technique of opening lock by making a key for a lock out of a key blank. It is a process of making a new key from a key blank. The procedure starts with smoothing the key blank, then the key blank is inserted into the lock and the blank twisted and rocked up and down. The key blank then removed and inspected for the marks made with the file on the mark closest.

Why it is important to make sure that the locksmiths are licensed and professional?

There are many reasons to assure that your locksmith is licensed or not because these days locksmithing is becoming a business. Everyone is trying to become a locksmith whether he has specific knowledge or not. As a result, fraudulent activities are also increasing. That's why, in order to avoid fraud, it is important to make sure that locksmith is licensed or not. 
Frequently Asked Questions

Do you accept Credit cards and debit cards?

Yes, we do!

While our services are on site and at the location where you are this may seem like you need other methods of payment, however we do accept credit cards and debit cards as a form of compensation.

Your needs are important and can come at any minute and we will do everything we can to not only perform the best job and service for you, but to meet your expectations anytime you need us, and part of that is the convenience of allowing you to pay with your credit or debit card.

Why it is recommended by locksmiths to rekey all locks when moved into a new house?

You don't know who worked before you in that house. May be they have changed all the locks and provided you changed locks keys. So, in order to make you safe, always change all the locks before moving to a new house or apartment..
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